The Pulse of Jazz in American History and Culture by Hentoff

| April 13, 2010

This is a great article pointing out many great points of the relationship between Jazz and Democracy.

The Pulse of Jazz in American History and Culture

There are several great points and quotations about the relationship between jazz and democracy in this article.

Wynton Marsalis:

“One of the beautiful things about jazz improvisation,” Wynton told her, “is that you can take something that we all know, and you can make it into another piece—but it still keeps its identity. It’s how the Constitution can be amended, and it’s still the Constitution, but here’s our take on it. That means it’s always new—because the ideas [in its foundation] are valid, they’re timeless.”

Max Roach:

Master drummer Max Roach once added to my understanding of the continuing thrust of our Constitution. We were talking about what I call the rhythm section of our liberties, the Bill of Rights, and Max said: “Do you realize that what we do is what the Constitution is all about? In jazz, each of us has individual voices, but we must listen attentively to one another as we play—and out of this whole, comes what we call jazz.”